The daisies that are good for you!

solidarity daisies AIRC 2021

AND solidarity daisy is back!

From Friday 5 March to Sunday 25 April you can contribute with us to the Margherita for AIRC initiative.
The solidarity Margherita will once again have the support of another Margherita, the world fencing champion Margherita Granbassi.
For years, alongside AIRC, Margherita Granbassi has contributed in the dual role of ambassador and volunteer.

A flower for research.

In our garden you will find supportive daisy plants at a price of 4.50 euros .
For each daisy sold, 1.50 euros will be donated to AIRC to support a new scholarship established thanks also to the commitment of AICG.

This beautiful flower symbol of purity par excellence is a 100% made in Italy product.
The " MARGHERITA per AIRC ", the entirely Italian excellence - comes from the Ligurian Riviera, in particular from the plain of Albenga, where about 10 million jars are produced every year and guaranteed by FDAI - Filiera Agricola Italiana Spa, will be marked by a 'label signed by FDAI and AICG.
AICG's great attention to Italian production and made in Italy is therefore confirmed.

Click HERE and watch the video.

The “Margherita for AIRC” initiative, born in 2014 from the collaboration between AICG - Italian Association of Gardening Centers, Italian Agricultural Supply Chain spa and the AIRC Foundation, has in fact made it possible to finance some of the best young research talents.


Only in recent years has a three-year scholarship been established (2017-2019) on the biological mechanisms underlying leukemia and therefore, with the funds raised in 2020, the first year was supported for a new scholarship awarded to Dr. Arghavanifard Negar, from January at work at IFOM - FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology in Milan with a research project on the molecular pathways shared by cancer cells and those of the placenta.

The funds raised this year will make it possible to finance the second year of Dr. Negar's scholarship, guaranteeing continuity to her work.

Find AIRC daisies in the Outdoor Plants department of our Garden Center!