Today 23rd May we celebrate World Turtle Day!

world day land turtles

World Turtle Day is celebrated on 23 May .
This is to promote respect and knowledge about these ancient reptiles and awareness of the danger of extinction of numerous species of turtles and the disappearance of their natural habitat around the world.
Turtles have been around for 200 million years, but are rapidly disappearing in number and species as a result of pollution and the destruction of natural environments.
Many species have recently become extinct, or are in the process of becoming extinct, and many more are destined to disappear in their native habitats within the next few decades.

Here's what you can concretely do to help turtles, both free and in captivity:

  • Do not collect turtles from their habitat, both in Italy and abroad (in particular in the countries of the Balkans and North Africa). Not only is it unethical, but you also risk very severe fines.
  • If you find an injured turtle, pick it up and notify the State Forestry Corps or take it to a veterinarian for emergency care.
  • Before adopting a turtle, or if you already own one, carefully study what their management needs are, to provide them with the best possible conditions.
  • Make sure that the purchased turtle has the proper documents.
  • If you can no longer keep a turtle, do not abandon it for any reason, but entrust it to a protectionist association.
  • Educate children from an early age to respect all animals, including reptiles, and make them understand that they are living beings capable of suffering like us.

Many own a land tortoise, and this is the season of its awakening!

On the occasion of World Turtle Day we want to remind you how to help them get out of this delicate period.
Generally, the awakening of land turtles takes place between March / April, in spring, when temperatures begin to rise again in a stable manner above 10 ° and the sun's rays begin to be warmer.
Even the moment of awakening, like that of hibernation, is very delicate.
Newly awakened turtles are weak and dehydrated.
The first thing to do is to provide our tortoise with water , which will need to hydrate.
It is useful to take lukewarm baths, leaving it immersed in shallow water (taking care that it cannot drown!) To stimulate the resumption of physiological functions.
The moment the tortoise resumes drinking and urinating, it will mean that its organic system has started working again.

Don't be scared if the turtle doesn't eat right away!

It may take days for the tortoise to resume feeding.
Obviously, if you perceive something wrong, if you notice that the turtle does not open its eyes after a few days, if it emits many sounds similar to murmurs, it is worth having it checked by a veterinarian.

What to do when waking up?

  • First we must observe the turtle, check the carapace, the limbs, the eyes to see if there is any sign of suffering or disease, such as infections and / or injuries.
  • Secondly, we have to check if the physiological functions start again and therefore if the animal drinks and urinates.
  • Then we observe if spontaneous nutrition and defecation resume, this will give us the signal of a resumption of gastrointestinal functioning. Upon awakening, to facilitate the recovery of strength, it is recommended to offer our turtle some vegetables with the addition of calcium and vitamins in powder.
  • Pay attention to breathing, trying to notice if the animal yawns continuously, if the nose is running or in any case if there are clear signs of breathing difficulties, in this case contact your veterinarian.

Think that in the period of hibernation these animals lose 1% of their body mass every month. It is therefore recommended not to prolong hibernation for more than 4 months, especially for young specimens!

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