Axolotl advice and information on the most famous amphibian in the world

If you are not yet familiar with the axolotl and are looking for advice or information on the most famous amphibian in the world, below you will find all the information you will need.

axolotl in the aquarium

Ambystoma mexicanum better known as Axolotl or absolotto is a small amphibian that has become famous and highly sought after as a pet in recent years. This salamander comes from Lake Xochimilco, which is located 20km southeast of Mexico City.
The Axolotl is a salamander, but with a particularity, neoteny: the ability to reproduce without making the metamorphosis from aquatic animal to terrestrial animal (unlike frogs).

This special amphibian is equipped with the typical dorsal fin of tadpoles, which is also maintained in the adult specimen. Unlike other salamanders, the sunflower lives only in an aquatic environment. Only in some rare cases, characterized by stressful biological conditions, can it reach maturation and get to metamorphosis up to being able to emerge on the surface. This ability to transform therefore represents a defensive and adaptive reaction put in place by this animal.

The colors of the axolotl

The classic Axoloti found in nature is a color between dark gray and black.
There are many colors or morphs, especially farmed fruits. But what does morph mean?
By morph we mean a color variant of an animal, obtained through the breeding and selection of specific genes.
The most popular color variations among axolotls are white, beige and gold, with beautiful spots on the skin.

How an axolotl is made

The axolotl is a friendly and distinctive looking salamander . As an adult it can reach a length ranging between 20 and 28 cm, while above 30 cm it is very rare.
These salamanders are distinguished above all by their flat head, with a wide mouth and small eyes without lids.
If we look closely at this amphibian, it always seems to have a smile.
The small limbs and a tail fringed with fins, which acts as a rudder and allows the Axolotl to move in the water.
Three pairs of gills are located behind the head and are used to move and oxygenate the water, while four external gills aligned with the front gills are hidden in the back.
To distinguish males from females just look at the cloaca. If it is quite pronounced and has the so-called cloacal swelling, it is a male. If it is flat, it is a female.

Having an axolotl like Pet

If you want to have an axolotl in your home as a pet , it is important that you know what this little salamander needs.
The absolutes are very quiet and peaceful, they can be raised alone, in pairs or in groups (adjusting the size of the aquarium based on the number of animals).

Sharing the aquarium with any other type of fish is not recommended as animals that are too small would be preyed upon by axolotls and too large animals would risk stressing it.

The power of the axolotl

What does axolotl eat? Its diet is carnivorous , as well as small crustaceans , this amphibian also feeds on invertebrates such as insect larvae: moths, chironomus, earthworms , etc.
Younger specimens should be fed every day, while two meals a week may be enough for adult ones.

Aquarium for axolotl

The axolotl lives only in an aquatic environment, which is why the aquarium is the perfect place for these small amphibians. The Axolotl lives in fresh, cold and oxygen-rich waters . These characteristics must be reproduced in the best possible way even in the aquarium. The ideal water temperature fluctuates between 12 ° C and 20 ° C. Below 10 ° C our amphibian does not suffer any damage, but as soon as it exceeds 24 ° C it starts swimming around the aquarium in panic, since the high temperatures represent a danger to its health.

It is important to pay attention to the PH values ​​of the water which must not be high , if the water were to be too acidic, ammonia could be generated, which is toxic for the Mexican salamander.

The aquarium bottom must be set up with fine sand, between 1 and 3 mm , (of such dimensions that it cannot be swallowed). It is essential that the aquarium has a good filter that allows the continuous oxygenation of the water.

The aquarium lighting must be soft, even better if filtered through floating plants. In the aquarium can be inserted decorations, plants and a cave that serves as a refuge for the axolotl.

The life expectancy of the Axolotl

the Axolotl can live incredibly long. If raised in a suitable manner for the species, its average life expectancy is around 8 and 10 years.

Curiosities about the axolotl

The axolotl is a curious and particular animal much studied also for its incredible regenerative abilities of organs and tissues; for example, accidentally lost eyes or paws can be regenerated in a few days.

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