Marimo seaweed 3-4 cm ball

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Marimo from 3 - 4 cm, is a pet ball algae. 

Cladophora aegagropila.

Indoor plant.

The Marimo is shipped drained in a special watertight bag that preserves its humidity. Further protected by a package to avoid any bumps. In this condition the ball algae can be kept for several days.

Once the Marimo arrives at its destination, immerse it in a jar or container of at least 500ml.

How to take care of the Marimo?

  • Irrigation: change the water every 10 days;
  • Temperature: it must not exceed 23 degrees;
  • Exposure: do not expose it to direct sun and it is not afraid of the dark;
  • Maintenance: if it is green it is fine, if it becomes yellow / gray it is in pain.


It's important change the water every 10 days.
The water is emptied, squeezed, the jar rinsed, fresh water added, swirled in the palm of the hand and the Marimo plunged back into it. Tap water or bottled water can be used. Occasionally (or always) it is fun to add sparkling water so that the Marimo can transform carbon dioxide into oxygen.
The Marimo needs the change of water to be able to consume the mineral salts. If the water is not changed, the Marimo is stationary in its growth. The more you change the water, the more the Marimo will grow. If you go on vacation for a long time and don't change the water, nothing happens.


The ambient temperature it must not exceed 23 degrees. Above this temperature, the ideal is to take it to the refrigerator! Place the Marimo inside the refrigerator in the summer, remembering to keep the water change every 10 days and not to eat it!

Solar exposure

It does not need particular light because it is used to living on the bottom of lakes, but be careful, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight!


It is important to keep an eye on its color. If the Marimo is green it means that it is fine, if it is yellow / gray then it has taken a hit of heat and is probably in pain.
Anything that can cause the water temperature to rise can damage it and surely cause it to die.
Pay attention to the temperatures and do not place it near the heater.
The important thing is to keep it in an always cool place.

The Marimo as well as keeping you company is beautiful and can be excellent gift ideas!

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