An enchanted and spectacular Christmas awaits you at Iperverde!

An enchanted and spectacular Christmas awaits you at Iperverde.

Our Christmas department is finally open!

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2020 christmas flyer

The fantastic singing penguins come directly from the north pole!
They will reach us in time to save the children's letters and deliver them to Santa in the North Pole!

And the surprises don't end there!

In the Enchanted Christmas you will be welcomed by reindeer, gnomes and all the animals of the forest who will be ready to guide you in their magical kingdom.

What are the themes of Christmas this year?

There is nothing more beautiful for us than making you a child again and making you feel welcomed by the magic of Christmas.

For this Christmas we have chosen penguins and frozen Christmas, to project you into the charm of winter nature. A perfect balance where temperatures sometimes reach below freezing, but nature strengthens and proves its power to be reborn in spring.

What will you find inside the Christmas department?

You will find Christmas themed rooms, with decorations and decorations divided by colors, to inspire you in choosing your style and create a beautiful Christmas atmosphere in your home.

You will discover our collection of scented candles, pillows, soft blankets, fluffy slippers, scarves, soft toys and many gift ideas.

If you want to decorate the table for the Christmas period in the home decoration department you will find tablecloths and all the Christmas textiles, plates, cups and much more.

A wide choice of pines and artificial trees, of various sizes, materials and colors.

The sparkling lights to decorate your Christmas tree, illuminated reindeer and animals, comet stars and many led decorations for your garden or balcony.

Lemax villages that we all love for the minutiae of details, the movements and the festive music.

For the nativity scene you will find simple huts or entire villages, nativity figurines in different sizes and all the accessories to create your nativity scene from scratch.

We help you decorate your home or shop.

Our staff is always available to help you find the best solution for your needs. If you need advice, we are here for you!

Many surprises await you to warm your heart and make you experience moments of pure magic!

Come and visit us and enjoy the most spectacular and beautiful time of the year!