How to go on vacation and not worry about plants?

If you have taken care of your plants and are committed to keeping them beautiful and healthy until today, do not find yourself, when you return from vacation, with all the lost work and a neglected garden! If you find yourself in this situation, this article is for you! With the holidays coming, you will be thinking about how to keep your plants vigorous. Taking care of your greenery when you go on vacation is possible. You just need a few tips and some products that will ease your mind.

What does it take to keep the plants watered?

Fortunately, there are simple or complete irrigation solutions for indoor and outdoor plants. The irrigation systems can be automated to facilitate the maintenance of the green even in your absence. These systems make it possible to save up to 70% of the water.

Bottle system for indoor plants

To keep your potted plants watered, there are sprinklers to use with simple plastic bottles. These sprinklers distribute a calibrated quantity of water over several days. With this system you don't need electricity or connections. You can usually adjust the water output to best suit your plant.

The automated system for interior and balcony

If you want to always have beautiful plants without the worry of having to water them every day, you will need a system to help you. The automated ones are certainly the most efficient. These systems are designed to deliver the right amount of water and eliminate any waste. Usually they include a tank to make the system completely autonomous for up to four weeks. Choose the daily watering schedule and change it whenever you want.

Water the lawn

A green lawn is always beautiful to look at, and to keep it that way during the holidays, you need a few tips. Choose between above-ground or in-ground irrigation.

The fastest and most practical solution is above ground. You will need a programmable controller, a water hose long enough to reach the center of the lawn and an above ground sprinkler. The sprinklers can be adjustable, to irrigate in a targeted manner, or they can be set with continuous rotation. It is important to know the radius of the area where you want to keep irrigation active.

The underground irrigation system, on the other hand, is much more focused but a little more ingenious to create. If you want to create an underground irrigation system you can ask our staff in the gardening department for advice.

With these systems you can forget to water and enjoy your holidays in complete relaxation!