Dog trekking and 6-legged walks

Dog trekking what is that? It is a set of shared experiences between man and dog, a relaxing and fun way to experience nature and free time together. They can be simple walks in the woods, hiking in the mountains but also along long stretches of path. It is not always easy, and we certainly cannot say that it is suitable for any type of person or dog, but for sure it can be tried, and it can be adapted to the physical possibilities of both participants. When we decide to take an excursion or a simple walk in the mountains, let's remember that in those places we are guests, for this reason in respect of wildlife it is good to keep our dog tied to a leash (even a long one) to prevent it from disturbing. some inhabitants of the forest. Another aspect that goes unnoticed are the excrements of our dogs which must still be collected as they can become a vehicle for dangerous parasites for wild animals. As for the safety of our dogs, if it is a risk area, we must be careful of the bites of the vipers, which in their case occurs more frequently on the legs and on the muzzle.
Here are some useful tips to turn a simple walk into a beautiful day with our furry friend.

Get to know your dog thoroughly.

We must know how to evaluate the level of difficulty of the paths chosen for walking, our 4-legged friends have different "athleticism" obviously based on the breed, age (puppies and older dogs get tired earlier) and their physical fitness ( as for people, even sedentary or overweight dogs will have to start with simple routes).

Read up on the itinerary.

It is good to inquire before leaving on the characteristics of the route we have chosen, and if access to dogs is allowed, because in many parks it is forbidden to introduce them in protected areas.

The importance of equipment for our dog.

You can use the H harness or specific harnesses for dog trekking that allow him to move more easily, leash with shock absorber that can possibly be tied to a belt leaving our hands free (which in the mountains is certainly an excellent thing also for the our safety).

The food.

It is important to remember to feed the dog before or after the hike, never in the meantime, to reduce the risk of gastric torsion especially in medium and large dogs. During the walk, however, we can still give him some snacks or treats.


It is essential that our dog drinks often and stays hydrated especially during hot periods. Let's remember to bring with us also a bottle for our friend, at Iperverde you will find many simple and practical solutions.

moments of leisure and hydration during the dog trekking


The walk is a moment of escape from the routine even for our dog, so if for example he wants to get into a puddle and get muddy he shouldn't be scolded, it's his way of having fun.

Post walk control.

When we return from our excursion, we check the fingertips of our dog well to make sure there are no cuts or abrasions, because we are equipped with shoes and boots he does not, so we must pay particular attention to the care of the paws.

Below is a small list of things you will find in the Pet Department of Hypergreen that are good to take with you:

  • Sanitary bags;
  • Collapsible water bottle / bowl;
  • Snack;
  • Foot Pad Cream;
  • Microfiber cloth and wet wipes;
  • Leash or lead;
  • First aid kit.

Having said that we are ready to enjoy a relaxing day in contact with nature with our inseparable friend.

image dog with leash and lead for dog trekking