How to keep mosquitoes away!

mosquitoes how to keep them away

How to keep mosquitoes away from our homes? These are questions we hear every day, so we decided to give some tips to ward off mosquitoes and enjoy this beautiful summer (with the windows open!).

Plants help us live better even in the heat of summer: in foods and herbal teas they strengthen our body and, around us, with their colors and their beauty they give us more energy and vitality. And last but not least, some keep mosquitoes away.

There are also simple treatments, both classic and organic, that can be done independently in your own home to ward off these unwanted guests.

Plants with the power to repel mosquitoes

Some plants have good anti-mosquito efficacy. All types of fragrant leaf geranium are an excellent deterrent against mosquitoes. The ageratum with violet or blue flowers is effective, just crush a few leaves in a saucer to have an anti-mosquito fragrance (do not use the leaves directly on the skin). Aromatic plants are also quite effective, and you can also grow lemon grass, which forms a beautiful bush of long and thin leaves and is also used in the kitchen.

Remember to always empty the water from the saucers because stagnant water can become a "nest" for mosquitoes.

And how after-puncture?

All of us have already been targeted by mosquitoes at least once in our lives. We know how annoying the sting can be, and the more you scratch the more it itches. To calm the sting you can put a few drops of lavender essential oil in a lotion, or aloe vera gel, even fresh, just taken from a cut leaf: it soothes itching and irritation. Savory can also soothe the itch of mosquito bites.

Anti-mosquito products

Insecticides, classic or organic, are useful and with them the fight against mosquitoes can become much easier.

The choice is very wide, below we list some of the most effective products in our Ipergreen Gardening department.

citronella candles Lemongrass candles

The well-known citronella candles beautify the environment and keep mosquitoes away. The active principle emanating from the dissolved wax forms an impassable barrier for mosquitoes, creating an area of ​​respect, comfortable and safe.

Mini Halo Mosquito Repellent White Thermacell

The practical mosquito shield
and effective in outdoor environments.

Thanks to flameless combustion, the butane gas can releases the energy needed to heat a special insecticide plate specific for outdoor use.

Flortis kit with anti-mosquito spirals and earthenware spiral holder
Consisting of 10 spirals and an earthenware container with perforated lid. Ideal for keeping mosquitoes and other annoying flying insects away. It acts immediately after switching on and does not go out with the breeze.
mosquito sticks

Acti Zanza Stick mosquito repellent sticks
Comfortable and practical, safe and odorless, these sticks effectively protect an area of ​​25 m².

Zapi Zanzare Piretro is a concentrated insecticide. Zapi Zanzare Piretro is a concentrated insecticide
Based on Pyrethrum Extract, useful for eliminating insects such as flies and mosquitoes in indoor and outdoor environments.

If you want to see all the products dedicated to annoying insects, Click Here and you will find our dedicated section.

If the external area to be treated is very large, we have a specific anti-mosquito treatment done by our expert gardeners.

These are just some of the solutions you can find in the Hypergreen Gardening department.