How to choose the Christmas tree?

how to choose the christmas tree

We are getting closer to the holidays and as usual on December 8 the Christmas tree is set up. Maybe you already have one and are pretty much ready to go. If you don't have the tree yet or it's time to change it, you may be wondering what kind of tree to choose.

Christmas firs have been part of our product range for many years. We have a huge variety of them.

For this reason we have decided to give you some advice to help you in your choice.

Real tree or artificial tree?

The first question to ask is whether you want an artificial Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree.
Both are aesthetically beautiful, but each has its pros and cons.
Let's see together what their characteristics are to be able to choose the perfect Christmas tree for you!

artificial Christmas tree

Artificial Christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas trees are now more and more similar to real ones. With shades of color similar to fir trees. There is a large variety of models and you will usually find the same model repurposed in different heights. For those with limited space, the Slim or upside-down models may be interesting. For those looking for something more Nordic, there are models with a snowy or frosted effect, which imitate the fir trees of snowy and frozen woods.
Assembly is very fast, it takes very little time. In the package you will always find the leaflet with the instructions.
There are different types of materials, usually they are made of PVC or PE .

High quality PVC (POLYVINYL CHLORIDE). The needles are created by gluing together 2 or 3 sheets of PVC which are then cut into long rectangular strips, which are then attached to the branches.
PE (POLY ETHYLENE) look like a real pine needle. To achieve this effect, the material is poured into a mold so that it is soft and realistic, as well as very resistant.
The process of making artificial PE Christmas trees is complex, which is why these trees have a slightly higher cost than natural firs.

Artificial trees last a long time when stored carefully.
* Tip: if you have a space to store it already assembled, you can only pack it with cellophane.

Real Christmas tree.

natural Christmas tree

The real fir has its own charm and has many advantages. There are different varieties, heights and you can choose whether to take them in pots or rootless. Contrary to popular belief, real firs are very sustainable, as they are grown in Italian and European nurseries.
Spruce is the most used. Not too dark green in color, its needles are small, hard and pungent. They are really cheap. Be careful not to keep it near heat sources or in very heated environments: it could lose its needles prematurely.
The Nordmannian Abies Fir , aesthetically much more beautiful than the previous one. The needles are soft, large, dark green in color. Its branches are positioned at about 90 degrees from the stem: perfect for Christmas decorations. It costs more than the previous one but the needles remain fixed on the branches even for several months.
The blue Picea Pungens fir is a beautiful pyramidal tree, with a bluish gray color, with stiff and prickly needles. This fir is rustic and without needs.

It is right that there are small imperfections in real fir trees and that one side is more beautiful than the other. Ultimately, they are live plants and are not factory produced.
* Tip: Until you are ready to decorate the tree, it is best to keep it outside.

The real tree needs little maintenance. If placed inside the house it should be watered regularly and placed in a cool, bright place away from heat sources. If you have chosen a potted fir and want to keep it after the holidays, the ideal would be to place the tree for a few days in a place with an intermediate temperature, for example, a veranda or a garage. Then in early spring repot it and take it outside or plant it directly in the garden. If you are unable to keep it, you can look to see if there are any schools, parks or associations willing to retire and replant it. Otherwise it can always be disposed of as it is completely biodegradable.

As you will have understood, the choice is great.
If you need more advice and suggestions, you can ask our staff!