How Christmas Extra Cashback works

What is Christmas Extra Cashback

It is the experimental phase of the broader Chashback program which will start next January 1st 2021.
From 8 December to 31 December by
making at least 10 purchases at physical stores, artisans or professionals equipped with electronic payment acceptance devices (such as Pos or Satispay) you can obtain a state refund equal to 10% of the amount spent up to a maximum of € 1500 (the maximum refund will be € 150 ). There is no minimum amount of expenditure, payments of any amount contribute to reaching the minimum amount.

Online and professional purchases (therefore with invoice) are excluded .

When will the refund be made

The refund of the Christmas Extra Cashback will be made in February 2021.

How can I participate in the Christmas Extra Cashback

One of the most used methods is to download the "IO" application (downloadable for free on the Apple and Android stores)

To access the application you must have a SPID access ( how to request it ) or have an electronic identity card (and its pin).

Once entered, go to the "Portfolio" section, go to "Bonuses and discounts" and press "+ Add"

Then click on "Cashback"

And finally press on "Activate Cashback"

If the procedure is successful, the "Cashback" bar will appear on the main "wallet" screen

Once this is done, you can add your payment cards. Debit, credit, prepaid and PagoBANCOMAT cards are accepted.

Are Christmas Extra Cashback and the receipt lottery the same thing?

The answer is no. The receipt lottery is an incentive that will start, unless extended, on January 1, 2021 and will be based on telematic tax registers.

To participate, you will need to obtain your lottery code on the website and show it in the shop before the receipt is closed. By doing so, you will receive a virtual ticket for each euro spent up to a maximum of 1000 virtual tickets for purchases of an amount equal to or greater than 1000 euro. This code will allow you to participate in the state draw for cash prizes. The receipt lottery will also allow cash payments.