5 tips for watering in the best way!

In the summer, plants and lawns need plenty of water. To prevent the plants from drying out, it is necessary to water more frequently. And you will ask yourself “but how often? With how much water? What time? "

Below you will find a list with the best tips to always get lush plants!

Tip 1 How much water?

To keep the plants beautiful and healthy, they need to be watered evenly. The soil must be very wet, the water must reach the roots sufficiently. Wet until the water begins to drain abundantly from the ground or under the pot.

Tip # 2 How often?

Better to water abundantly but less frequently. In general, the plants in the garden should be watered less than those in pots. The lawn is the one that requires the most attention, it should be wet more frequently, even every day in periods of drought. The most important aspect of wetting is to do it several times because the water needs to infiltrate the soil to reach the roots, so it needs a few minutes to absorb the water and then it needs to be wet again.

Tip 3 When to water?

There are two times in the day that are ideal for bathing. All this to prevent plant leaves from getting sick and to ensure that plants absorb enough water. Early in the morning or late in the evening, these are the best times to water.

Tip 4 Avoid water stagnation

Plants need a lot of water in the summer, but beware of standing water. Excess water prevents the roots from breathing. To facilitate the correct drainage of water, it is better to use soils rich in clay. A loam rich in clay minerals maintains its consistency in the presence of water and distributes the water more evenly.

Tip 5 Irrigate while saving water

If your goal is to simplify the watering of plants in the garden, on the balcony or in the lawn, choose an automatic irrigation system. This definitely saves you time and water. Some irrigation systems have an internal control unit with humidity sensors and a programmable timer.

If you need more advice on irrigation systems, in the Gardening department from Hypergreen you will find everything you need and our staff always available to help you!