Instant creamy yogurt for dogs 25g

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Unipro instant creamy yoghurt for dogs 25g is a complementary food based on low-fat yoghurt powder suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds. With prebiotics.

Low-fat yogurt 40% whey, skimmed milk powder, coconut fat, wheat starch, thickener E466, natural vegetable oils and fats, dextrose, flavors, taurine, prebiotic.

Flavor additives: flavored blend.

A1000 IU; D3 3200 IU; AND 20 IU.

Analytical components:
Crude protein 16.25%, crude oils and fats 6.0%, crude cellulose 0.74%, ash 5.05%, moisture 5.5%. After preparation, consume within 1-2 days.

Recommended daily doses:
1/2 max 1 portion per day depending on the weight of the animal. Respect the recommended doses.

How to use:
add preferably lukewarm water to the preparation (about half a coffee cup), close the cap tightly and shake until a creamy mixture is obtained, ready to be served.

25g of product to prepare about 45g of yogurt.