Superhoze Hozelock extendable garden hose

SKU: 10045060

Extendable Garden Hose Superhoze by Hozelock.
This hose is the ideal choice for garden irrigation. The dynamic design of the Superhoze Hozelock allows it to be extended up to three times its length.
featuring a durable outer layer, created using a high quality UV stable polyester fabric, which forms a highly robust “skin” capable of resisting abrasion on any terrain.
Moving the hose to irrigate your garden is easy thanks to its lightweight construction.

Pipe features:

  • Expands up to 3 times its original length and quickly returns to its original size after use.
  • It never kinks, ensuring a continuous water flow.
  • Moving the hose and watering the garden is easy thanks to its lightweight construction.
  • Leak-free fittings are guaranteed and always ensure optimal sealing.
  • The irrigation hose is also delivered with a universal tap connector and an adjustable nozzle.
  • UV resistant woven polyester.
  • Available in different sizes.

Color: Yellow
Material: Rubber and polyester fiber

Available in different sizes.