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Thermacell mosquito torch, The complete defense for your garden.
Lots of atmosphere… no mosquitoes.

Thanks to the flameless combustion, the butane gas can releases the energy necessary to heat a special insecticide plate specific for outdoor use.

How the Thermacell Mosquito Flashlight works:

Operate the device 5-10 minutes before staying outside to allow the correct operating temperature of the esbiotrine-based plate to be reached.

Ideal for any outdoor event, dinners and moments of relaxation in the garden, terrace, patio. To create the right atmosphere pleasantly protected from mosquitoes.


  • Effective in outdoor environments
  • Odorless, no smoke, no flame, no wires
  • Torch with adjustable pole
  • With light

The package contains:

1 Device,
1 can,
3 platelets.
Pack of 3 pieces