Tetra Test strips 6 in 1 with 25 strips

SKU: 15010560
Tetra Test Strips 6 in 1 with 25 strips is an aquarium test, formulated to easily and safely measure the nitrite content in fresh and marine water.

For a complete and effective maintenance of the aquarium it is necessary to include the periodic control of the chemical parameters of the water. Particularly important are the pH, nitrites (NO2), which, if present in concentrations above 0.3 mg / l can cause serious damage to fish, nitrates (NO3) and the salt content (total hardness and carbonate hardness) .
With the 5 in 1 Tetratest test strips the operation becomes very simple and very fast:

Indications for use:
Just dip the strip into the water to see the 6 results in a matter of seconds. To ensure optimum water quality, it is recommended to test it weekly.