Tetra Goldfish Aquasafe 100ml

SKU: 15010567

Tetra Goldfish AquaSafe Liquid water conditioner specific for the water of goldfish in your aquarium, tap water becomes as safe as that of their natural habitat.
The new formula keeps fish healthy thanks to an exclusive blend of vitamins, natural biopolymers and trace elements.
With Goldfish AquaSafe the water in your aquarium will be the healthiest and most natural environment for your fish. Goldfish AquaSafe immediately neutralizes harmful substances: chlorine and chloramine are eliminated and a complexing agent binds to all heavy metals, such as copper, zinc and lead.

  • Goldfish AquaSafe also provides essential substances found in nature.
  • The optimized vitamin formula reduces stress for healthier and longer-lived fish.
  • The action of colloids protects the mucous membranes and gills.
  • Contains bio-colloids useful for the development of beneficial bacteria that allow you to keep the water clean and crystalline.
  • Suitable for cold water tanks and aquariums.