Dirty Dog rug for dog in microfiber 51x79 cm

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The Dirty Dog super absorbent cat and dog rug is a multifunctional accessory.
It is not an ordinary rug, it is a rug made with a particular type of microfiber that absorbs water, mud and dirt instantly, as if by magic!
The underside of the absorbent mat features a non-slip material so you always stay in place. Soft and soft it is perfect for your pet.


  • Super absorbent rug for cats and dogs
  • machine washable
  • Absorbs water, mud and dirt
  • It absorbs 7 times its weight and five times faster than a traditional doormat
  • Made with millions of microfibers
  • Soft and soft ideal for the rest of your pet
Usage Internal - External
Available colours Beige
Dimensions 51 x 79 cm