cooling mat for dogs and cats

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Cooling mat for cats and dogs.
The cooling mat contains a gel that regulates the thermal condition with a lower temperature than that of the dog or cat, in this way it cools it and regulates its body temperature.
The mat should be kept in a cool and dry place and should not be used if the surface is damaged, using it away from sharp objects that could damage the surface.
Foldable and durable, easy to clean, can be used indoors and out.


  • Refreshing
  • Easy to clean
  • Practical to store
Usage Internal - External
Available colours Blue
Dimensions Size S 30 X 40 CM
Dimensions Size M 40 X 50 CM
Dimensions Size L 50 X 60 CM
Dimensions Size XL 50 X 90 CM
Size Size XXL 70 X 90 CM