Absorbent mat for dog 60x60 cm 10 pieces

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Happy nappy absorbent dog mats for puppies are particularly suitable for educating your puppy to do his business outside the home, staying dry and clean and without dirtying the floors or carpets of your home.
Happy nappy hygienic mats are soft and comfortable, the polymers inside make them super absorbent and effectively retain unpleasant odors.
The surface underneath is equipped with a plastic film, which prevents liquids from escaping.

Have the animal sit on the mat and, once done, reward him.
Make sure you change the mat every time your dog gets dirty, so that he can always enjoy a clean and comfortable toilet.
Every day, little by little, move the happy nappy mat in the direction of the front door, until it is outside of it.
Day after day, your puppy will learn to do his business outside the house!


  • super absorbent
  • with odor-trapping polymers
  • practical for transport and at home
  • ideal for puppy education
  • also suitable for elderly or convalescent dogs

Format: 60 x 60 cm.
Packaging: 10 pieces.