Mosquito repellent coils with Flortis supports

SKU: 10008235

Flortis mosquito coils act immediately after switching on and do not go out with the breeze. Remarkably effective especially outdoors.

How to use:
Detach the two spirals from each other, being careful not to force them so as not to break them. Fold up the tab of the metal holder. Insert the spiral on the tip of the tongue, using the cut made in the center of the spiral. Turn on the end of the spiral. After a few moments make sure that the flame has gone out leaving a small smoldering embers.

(per 100 g): ETOC (prallethrin) TG 0,10 g, inert co-formulants and color to taste at 100 g.

Field of use:
external domestic environments.

Fight against: Goblet mosquitoes, Tiger mosquitoes.

Product safety:
Product to be used with caution and to be kept out of reach of children.
Always read the label and product information before use.

The package includes:
Box of 10 spirals and 2 metal supports.