M Gardena manual fertilizer spreader

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The GARDENA Manual Fertilizer Spreader M is ideal for distributing fertilizer and road salt to smaller areas.
The quantity setting for the material to be dispensed is adjusted directly on the ergonomically designed handle.
The spreader is operated using a crank.
A free-running spreading disc offers optimal functionality and smooth material distribution without problems.
The container is made of high-quality plastic and is therefore extremely robust.


    • Width of the working area 100 m²
    • Spreading width 4 m
    • Container capacity 1.8 lt

    Uniform distribution:
    No material losses and no clogging.
    The spreader disc ensures optimum functionality and even distribution of the material.
    The diffusion width is from 1 to 4 meters (r = 0.5 - 2 m).