Pedigree Schmackos Mega box 790 g

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Pedigree Schmackos Mega box 790 g snack for dogs.
The pack with 110 tasty snacks for your dog
These delicious dog treats are tender and mouthwatering for dogs with the best taste of beef, lamb and poultry.

Meat and animal by-products (total 40%, of which 11% poultry, 22% beef and 5% lamb), vegetable by-products, cereals, minerals, sugar, oils and fats.

Analytical components:
Proteins: 28.0; Fat content: 12.0; inorganic substance: 8.0; Crude fiber: 3.0; Humidity: 19.0; Calcium: 1.0; Omega-6 fatty acids: 12028 mg / kg; Calorific value: 321 kcal / 100 g.

antioxidants; Nutritional additives: vitamin A: 2288 IU, vitamin E: 22.9 mg, iron (ferrous (II) sulfate monohydrate): 13.7 mg.

  • Package weight: 790 g
  • Number of snacks inside the package: 110