Oxbow Essentials adult rabbit pellets 2.27 kg

SKU: 10078223

Oxbow Essentials pellet is a food based on timothy pellets (cold pressure to preserve all nutrients) formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adult rabbits.
Made without seeds or fruits to respect the food nature of the rabbit. 

Timothy hay meal, soy pods, wheat semolina, soy protein concentrate, salt, sugar cane molasses, yeast, minerals, mineral oil, vitamin A 19,000 (min) IU / kg, vitamin D 900 (min) IU / kg, vitamin E 190 (min) mg / kg (alpha-tocopherol acetate), copper sulphate.

Analytical components: Crude protein (min): 14.00% Crude fat (min): 2.00% Crude fiber (min): 25.00% Crude fiber (max): 29.00% Moisture (max): 10.00% Calcium (min): 0.35% Calcium (max): 0.85% Phosphorus (min): 0.25% Salt (min): 0.50% Salt (max): 1.00% Copper (min): 30 PPM.

Based on Timothy Hay Optimal protein level Ideal diet for adult rabbits Recommended by veterinarians Balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio High fiber content High quality digestible ingredients.

Oxbow Animal Health specializes in the nutrition and care of small herbivorous animals.

Oxbow offers superior quality diet products recommended by renowned veterinarians and dietitians for exotic animals around the world

Pack of: 2.27 kg