Oxbow critical care herbivore 141 gr

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Oxbow critical care herbivore is a complete assisted feeding formula for herbivores. Complete meal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus.

Nutritional Instructions:
Mix one part of dry powder with 1.5 parts of warm water.
Various methods of administration may require the addition of more water.
Give 50cc of mixed product for every kilogram of body weight every day, divided between 4-6 meals, to any mammal or herbivorous reptile.
Refrigerate any unused portions and use them within 24 hours.
The best results are obtained when small quantities are mixed on the spot with each meal.

Ingredients: Timothy flour, soy shells, wheat germ, oat and bran shells, wheat semolina, soy protein concentrate, salt, sugar cane molasses, yeast, minerals, mineral oil. Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein (min) 16.00%. Crude fat (min) 3.00%. Crude fiber (min) 21.00%. Crude fiber (max) 26.00%. Calcium (min) 0.40%. Calcium (max). 0.60%. Phosphorus (min) 0.20%. Ash (max) 10.00%. Humidity (max) 10.00%. Iron (min) mg / kg 300. Copper (min) mg / kg 18. Zinc (min) mg / kg 100. Niacin (min) mg / kg 60. Vitamin A (min) IU / kg 19,000. Vitamin B12 (min) mcg / kg 13. Vitamin D3 (min) IU / kg 900. Vitamin E (min) IU / kg 190. Vitamin C (min) 10,000 mg / kg. Digestible energy kcal / tbsp 24.

Oxbow Animal Health specializes in the nutrition and care of small herbivorous animals.
Oxbow offers superior quality diet products recommended by renowned veterinarians and dietitians for exotic animals around the world

Pack of: 141 gr