Insecticide for Ants Nexa KB Gel 30 Grams

SKU: 10062767

Nexa KB gel insecticide for ants 30 grams, in a practical tube package, suitable for attracting ants, acts in a short time and is ideal for interiors. 
Fipronil-based gel in a practical tube package: a latest generation solution active at low doses.

How to use:
Apply 6 drops of gel in 5 different points along the passageways and areas frequented by ants.

Fipronil 0.5 g/Kg

Field of use:
The product is used inside buildings

Fight against:
It is active against larvae and adults of the ants of the species Lasius niger (black garden ant) and inepithema humile (Argentine ant).

Product safety:
Product to be used with caution and to be kept out of reach of children.
Always read the label and product information before use.

The package includes:
1 tube of 30 gr