Newa Therm Eco automatic heater for aquariums

SKU: 15011649

Newa Therm ECO submersible heater for aquariums.
NEWA Therm Eco is a fully submersible and easy to use automatic aquarium heater . Ideal for setting and maintaining the correct temperature in safety and economy.
NEWA Therm Eco has been designed to work in both marine and freshwater aquariums as it is built with robust materials that can last for a long time in both environments.
The test tube is made of thermal shock resistant quartz. NEWA Therm Eco is equipped with a sensitive thermostat that keeps the temperature constant and for a long time thanks to its reliability.
The heater is light and balanced, supplied with sturdy support hooks and anchor suction cups.

Features :

  • Temperature regulator
  • Easy temperature setting
  • Waterproofing insulation
  • Operation indicator.
  • Quartz test tube

Available models:
Newa Therm ECO 50W
Newa Therm ECO 100W
Newa Therm ECO 150W
Newa Therm ECO 200W