5 liter pressure nebulizer - Gardena

SKU: 10017049
The GARDENA Pressure Mist is ideal for plant care in the garden.
  • The safety valve releases the pressure from the container when there is too much of it, thus ensuring safety.
  • The level gauge shows how much liquid is left in the tank, without the need to open the sprayer.
  • The included nylon filter can be inserted as an accessory. It is specially designed for filtering homemade plant products. Also included are recipes suitable for organic and sustainable infusions.
  • The 5 l Comfort Pressure Sprayer is equipped with ergonomic footrests with nozzle protection function. In combination with the large D-handle, they ensure a secure and firm position even on uneven surfaces when pumping to increase pressure.
  • The nozzle of the spray lance is infinitely adjustable (from mist to jet) and the handle of the spray lance has good ergonomics and can be locked in place.
  • The container is made of high-quality plastic and is therefore extremely robust.