Mini Flowercube 4,5 cm

SKU: 10024268

Mini Flowercube makes a great gift idea for any occasion.
The glass effect plexiglass cube, which can be opened, contains a high quality stabilized rose, scented with a delicate essential oil and immersed in a water effect gel.

What is that?
Ars Nova stabilized roses are created through a stabilization process based on glycerine which completely replaces the original sap of the rose making it unalterable for several years..

Our tip:
We recommend that you keep this product indoors in a dry environment, preferably not exposed to direct sunlight.

Dimensions: 4.5x4.5 cm.

Available in different colors.

Each color of roses has its own meaning:

  •  Green: harmony, contact, space, freedom
  •  Red: passion, love, emotional energy, psychic strength
  •  Blu: balance, friendship, bond
  •  Black: mystery, change, elegance
  •  Orange: interiority, generosity, joy
  •  Viola: seduction, art, intelligence
  •  Yellow: energy, imagination and success
  •  White: beginning, purity.