Spherical wooden base salt lamp

SKU: 10081947

This salt lamp is ideal for creating the perfect atmosphere in your home.

The package includes:

  • the salt lamp
  • the lamp holder cable with switch
  • the light bulb

* The photos are illustrative, being a natural material, the shapes may change slightly.

The rock salt used for the construction comes from the salt deposits of Pakistan. Its formation, dating back to millions of years ago, took place by evaporation of sea water within closed basins, later covered by sedimentary deposits of various kinds.

The positive power of salt, its purifying effect and its beneficial effects on our health have been known since ancient times.

The lamps, made with rock salt crystals, bring these positive characteristics and a piece of nature to the environment in which we live.

They act in two different ways:

  • through their ionizing effect, which helps to break down the harmful presence of positive ions in indoor environments
  • and through their light energy.

Instructions for use - Salt crystal lamps

  • Replacing the light bulb: Remove the plug from the socket. Remove the lamp holder about 2cm from the lampshade and press the springs with your thumb and forefinger. Now you can completely remove the bulb holder. After replacing the bulb, put the holder back into the holder and turn as shown in the pictures.
  • Cable Clip: Insert the plastic cable clip into the hole in the wooden base.
  • Do not use the lamp in humid environments or outdoors. Use a soft cloth to remove dust from the lamp. Never use water or liquid soaked cloths!