Extendable garden hose kit with gun and 15 mt Aquapop bag

SKU: 10021065

Aquapop - Kit with 15 mt extendable garden hose with bag.
Aquapop is a practical irrigation kit composed of extendable tubemini-spear ergonomic with adjustable cone jet, fitting open and tap socket ¾ ", placed inside one Bag semi-rigid with a clean and captivating design.
Ideal for spraying plants and flowers placed on balconies, terraces and small gardens or for cleaning external surfaces.
During use, the tube extends from 5 to 15 meters in length, to then withdraw once the passage of the water is finished. The mini-spear, easy to use, light and intuitive, it is suitable for everyone, young and old. The practice bag, made of quality plastic, allows you to conveniently store the kit after use, thanks to the micro-holes that allow the drainage of any residual water and the non-slip grip.
The linear shape and the bright color make the bag a flexible object that can be used at will: from planter to magazine rack, from lunch-bag to object holder on the beach or pool, from portable beauty case to tool holder. Easy to carry and clean.

Ready to use.

  • Self-extending hose that stretches from 5 to 15 meters in length during use
  • Ergonomic mini-lance with adjustable cone jet
  • Tap connection ¾ "
  • ¾ "indoor / outdoor tap socket
  • Soft colored plastic bag, with handles, holes for the escape of stagnant water and non-slip grip

Available in different colors.
Product size: 27 x 20 x 24 cm.