Vanilla and banana flavored ice cream for dogs 60 gr

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Unipro Dog Ice cream for dogs with vanilla and banana flavor 60 gr.

Dog food designed for your faithful friend.
Fresh, nutritious and digestible.
Produced in Italy.

fructose, skimmed milk powder, corn starch, natural vegetable oils and fats, buttermilk, dextrose, flavorings.

Flavor additives:
flavored blend, 0.25% vanilla, 0.25% banana.

Analytical components: 
crude proteins 6.3%, crude oils and fats 1%, crude fiber 0.1%, ash 1.7%.

A 1000 IU; D3 3200 UI; E 20 UI.

How to use:
Add water to the preparation, as is the volume of the preparation (about 1 coffee cup), close the cap tightly and shake until the mixture is homogeneous. Leave to rest in the freezer for about 3 hours.

Recommended daily doses: 
Small size 60g; medium size 100g; large size 180g.

60g of product to prepare about 150g of ice cream.

Warnings: Keep the product away from heat sources so as not to alter the right and the characteristics. Ready ice cream must be kept in the freezer and consumed within 10 days of preparation. Exceeding the recommended doses, in some cases, can lead to dysbiosis.