Koi Tribe Pond Filter 7000

SKU: 10050364
Koi Tribe pond filter 7000 is a filter for ponds up to 5000 liters.
Plug and Play system ready for immediate use without having to screw or assemble any component.
Easy to inspect and clean filter system complete with low energy consumption pump, UV sterilizing lamp, spiral tube, filter sponges, bioballs, overflow system.
Guarantees perfect filtering of the pond and fountains and helps create an ideal biotope for pond fish and plant life.

Technical data Filter:

Absorption 20 Watt
Max. capacity 1200 lt
Head 2 mt
Cable length 10 m / H05RN-F
Max pond volume (without fish and plants) 7000 lt
Max pond volume (with fish and plants) 3000 lt
Fittings diameter Ø 25 mm
Voltage / frequency 230 V ~ 50 Hz

Capacity 25 lt
Fittings diameter Ø 50 mm
Tubo 5m / Ø 25 mm
UVC lamp:
UV absorption 7 Watt
Ballast 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Cable length 5 mt
Fittings diameter Ø 25 mm