Bunny Fresh Hay with Carrots 500g

SKU: 10087111

The carrot hay for rabbits and rodents from Bunny it is an essential food for his high fiber content. It can be given to rabbits, guinea pigs (guinea pigs), hamsters and chinchillas.

It is an essential food for its high fiber content for dwarf rabbits and rodents. It can be offered as daily hay or together with other hay to vary the palatability of the hay for daily consumption.

It is recommended to to offer a 80% proportion of hay to the daily feed of our little ones because it gives them the fiber they need, it helps to maintain the digestive system in the best conditions and favors proper wear And cleaning of hers teeth and molars , thus preventing overgrowth.

For this reason it is very important to offer a varied diet in hay, as the more variety we offer, the more he will enjoy and be healthier.