Exclusion - Intestinal Puppy - pork and rice - 400gr

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Exclusion Diet Intestinal Puppy All Breeds is a complete dietetic food for puppies formulated for the reduction of acute intestinal absorption disorders and compensation of poor digestion. This complete diet food has an increased level of electrolytes, highly digestible ingredients and low fat concentrations.

 pork and rice.

 puppies with gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases, maladigestion and malabsorption.

COMPOSITION: pork (90%), rice (4%), dried chicory pulp, linseed oil, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, mannanoligosaccharides, fructoligosaccharides, β-1,3 / 1,6 glucans from yeast cell wall Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES: Vit. A 1.500 U.I., Vit. D3 90 U.I., Vit. C 30 mg, Vit. E 5 mg, Vit. B1 1,4 mg, Vit. B2 1,7 mg, Vit. B3 5,4 mg, Vit. B6 1 mg, Vit. B12 0,01 mg, betaina 140 mg, Vit. H 0,12 mg, ac. folic 0.2 mg, zinc oxide (zinc 16 mg), ferrous carbonate (iron 20 mg), manganous oxide (manganese 7 mg), cupric sulphate pentahydrate (copper 8 mg), potassium iodide (iodine 0.4 mg) , sodium selenite (selenium 0.09 mg).

9% crude protein
5% crude fat
1.5% crude ash
1.5% crude fibers
78% humidity
0.25% potassium
0.1% sodium

Instructions for Use: it is recommended to seek the advice of a veterinarian before use and before extending the period of use. Administer the quantities indicated in the table based on the weight of the dog, as the only food source.

Recommended period of use: 1-2 weeks during acute diarrhea and subsequent convalescence periods; 3-12 weeks to compensate for indigestion.