White pyramid ultrasonic diffusers

SKU: 15041580

The ultrasonic diffusers Millefiori Milan they have a modern, innovative and elegant design for a pleasant perfumed nebulization inside the house.

The diffuser changes in 7 colors and emits a delicate light, with the possibility of blocking it on a specific shade or deactivating it.
The half sphere design gives a modern touch to your spaces; 
-2 buttons allow you to choose the mode of diffusion of the fragrance and the chromatic games.
It is compatible with all water-soluble Millefiori fragrances, not included in the package.
Capacity: 100 ml
Power: 24 V 10W
Dimensions: diameter 13.5 cm height 17 cm


  •  Place the unit on a flat surface.
  •  Tap water, pure water or mineral water at room temperature can be used.
  • fill the container with water, not exceeding the maximum level (marked inside the tray).
  •  pour the desired quantity of drops to reach the desired intensity level (on average 7-10 drops per 100 ml are recommended)

When the water stops evaporating, the diffuser will turn off automatically,
do not force ignition when there is no water inside.