Purifies Tetra Aquasafe water 250 ml

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Tetra AquaSafe is a treatment that makes tap water safe, effectively protecting fish and plants from the harmful substances it contains.
Tetra AquaSafe is ideal when changing water or setting up new aquariums as it makes tap water safe for fish. The optimal mix of B vitamins even more effectively reduces the stress that fish are subjected to during water changes, thus creating the basis for a healthy life in the aquarium.


  • Instantly removes chlorine, chloramine, copper, zinc and lead present in tap water.
  • The optimal mix of B vitamins reduces the stress to which fish are subjected during water changes, thus promoting their health in a lasting way.
  • Contains a natural plant extract to protect the gills and mucous membranes of fish.
  • Vitamins, iodine and magnesium promote vitality, growth and well-being of the aquarium inhabitants.
  • It improves the clarity of the water by promoting the growth of useful bacteria.
  • For use in setting up new aquariums, during water changes and transporting fish.
  • For all fresh and salt water aquariums (switch off the skimmer).
  • Makes tap water safe for fish.

Shake well before use. Pour 5 ml of Tetra AquaSafe directly into the aquarium for every 10 liters of tap water added. For all fresh and salt water aquariums (switch off the skimmer).