Battery-powered brushcutter FSA 57 with battery and battery charger

SKU: 10074175

The battery-powered brushcutter Stihl HLA 56 with removable lithium battery is very light and is ideal for the care of lawns and lawn edges at home.

The kit contains:

  • AK10 battery
  • battery charger AL101

Main features:

  • Cutting diameter 280 mm.
  • Adjustable length by button.
  • Handle adjustment without the use of tools.
  • Spacer for cutting grass around obstacles (trees, bushes).
  • Soft handle with optimized control logic.
  • AutoCut C 3-2 mowing head, can be loaded from the outside without the use of tools.

Thanks to the interchangeability of the battery, this tool does not have a limit on the duration of the charge. Just change the battery for uninterrupted work!

Indicative table of duration:

 Battery model AK10 AK20 AK30
Akku AK 10 Akku AK 20 AK 30
Battery energy [Wh] 72 144 180
Lawn edges in linear meters
up to 625 up to 1250
up to 1500
Lawn area in square meters up to 125 up to 250 up to 300


*AK10, AK20, AK30 batteries and AL101 battery chargers can be used on all other tools in the AK line (Blower BGA 57 and BGA 56, Chainsaw MSA 120 and MSA 140, Brushcutter FSA 57 and FSA 56, Mowers RMA 235 3 RMA 339, Hedge Trimmers HSA 56 and HLA 56, Scarifier RLA 240).

Technical data:

Nominal tension 36 V
Weight without battery 2,7 Kg
Total length without cutting tool 149 cm
Cutting diameter
280 mm
Recommended battery AK10