Universal liquid fertilizer Algatron Cifo 500 ml

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The liquid fertilizer ALGATRON is a natural specialty obtained from brown marine algae.
ALGATRON, thanks to the natural substances of which it is made up, positively influences germination and root development, intensifies the natural defenses from environmental stresses of a thermal nature (thermal excursions given by prolonged situations of frost or drought) and water (lack of water in the substrate), favors the growth and ripening of fruit and vegetables.
The use of ALGATRON fortifies and invigorates the plant quickly.

How and when to use it:

  • ALGATRON can be used on any plant.
  • particularly indicated in the first vegetative phases (post-sowing / transplanting, spring recovery) and in the final phases to improve the qualitative characteristics (size, color, flavor, etc.) and the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.
  • In anticipation of temperature changes, prolonged periods of frost or drought, or in anticipation of water stress.
  • In combination with CIFO fertilizers, ALGATRON promotes and improves the absorption of nutrients.


    • Shake the product before use.
    • Fill the measuring cap to the required level.
    • Dilute one cap measuring cup (18-20 ml) for every 2 liters of water.
    • Dilute the product in the necessary amount of water and water the soil.

    Repeat the treatments after 10-12 days.

    Packaging: bottle of 500 ml.