Liquid fertilizer for flowering plants Flortis 1150 g

SKU: 15035293

Liquid fertilizer Flortis Flowering Plants.
For abundant and prolonged blooms.



PACKAGES. 1150 g bottle.

  • Specific product ideal for the luxuriant and balanced growth of flowering plants with consequent abundant blooms.
  • To be used on glass flower, begonia, gladiolus, gerbera, forsythia, jasmine, bougainvillea and other flowering plants in general.

USE / DOSES. One cap of the bottle or 30 g of product in 3 liters of water every 10 days in spring-summer, every 20-25 days in autumn-winter

This liquid fertilizer is ideal for all flowering plants.


    • Shake the product before use.
    • Fill the measuring cap to the required level.
    • Dilute the product in the necessary amount of water and water.