Liquid fertilizer for flowering plants with guano

SKU: 10004493

This Compo liquid fertilizer is ideal for nourishing all flowering plants.


  • Liquid organo-mineral fertilizer based on guano. Flowering plants are in fact sensitive to salinity and prefer organic fertilization. The nutrients contained in Guano delicately nourish the plants favoring their luxuriant development and amazing blooms.
  • Specific for flowering plants.
  • Luxuriant development and abundant blooms.
  • Easy dosing without waste: graduated cap with drip saver.


  • Shake the product before use.
  • Fill the measuring cap up to the first level indicator.
  • Dilute the recommended amount in 2 liters of water.
  • Water.


Notch on the cap
Dilute in liters of water
I 1
II 2
III  3
Heaped cap 5

November to February: fertilize once every two weeks.
From March to October: fertilize once a week.