Liquid fertilizer for geraniums

SKU: 50008801

This Compo liquid fertilizer is ideal for nourishing geraniums.


  • Liquid mineral fertilizer enriched with iron.
  • Magnificent and prolonged blooms and robust leaves.
  • Easy dosing without waste: graduated cap with drip saver.
  • Composition of nutritional elements ideal for geraniumsums, petunias, surfinias and all flowering plants in general.


  • Shake the product before use.
  • Fill the measuring cap up to the first level indicator.
  • Dilute the recommended amount in 2 liters of water.
  • Water.


Notch on the cap
Dilute in liters of water
I 1
II 2
III  3
Heaped cap 5

From February to October: twice a week.
November to February: do not fertilize.