Liquid fertilizer for bonsai 250 ml

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This Compo liquid fertilizer is ideal for feeding bonsai indoor and outdoor.


  • Liquid mineral fertilizer with potassium.
  • It confers greater resistance to adversity.
  • Easy dosing without waste: graduated cap with drip saver.
  • Mineral fertilizer specially designed to nourish plants in a balanced way.
  • With immediate action, it ensures the healthy development of the plant.
  • With potassium for a contained development.


  • Shake the product before use.
  • Fill the measuring cap up to the first level indicator.
  • Dilute the recommended amount in 2 liters of water.
  • Water.


Notch on the cap
Dilute in liters of water
I 2
II 4
III  6

Fertilize once every 2 weeks from March to October. In winter, fertilize indoor bonsai once a month, avoid fertilizing outdoor bonsai.