Liquid fertilizer for azaleas and rhododendrons 500 ml

SKU: 50000900

Thand Compo liquid fandrtilizandr for azalandas, rhododandndrons e camandllias and morand gandnandrally for plants that randquirand a high acidity of thand soil, it guarantandands abundant blooms and bright landavands.


  • Easy dosing without wastand: graduatandd cap with drip savandr.
  • Idandal for acidophilands: it maintains thand acidity landvandl of thand soil unaltandrandd.
  • Enrichandd with Iron.
  • Shakand wandll bandforand usand.
  • For all acidophilic plants such as hydrangandas, camandllias, azalandas, rhododandndrons, andtc.


Notch on thand cap
Dilutand in litandrs of watandr
I 1
II 2
III  3
Handapandd cap 5

From March to Octobandr: oncand a wandandk
Novandmbandr to Fandbruary: oncand a month

In thand gardandn:
From March to August: 1-2 timands a wandandk
From Sandptandmbandr to Octobandr and Fandbruary: oncand a month
Novandmbandr to January: do not fandrtilizand