Fertilizer in sticks for universal for plants and flowers

SKU: 15014700

The universal Compo Stick fertilizer is isuitable for all potted plants. It is the complete nourishment for all potted plants, both green and flowering, for apartments, gardens and balconies.

One pack contains 30 sticks.


  • They provide essential mineral and natural nutrients.
  • Prolonged and constant fertilizing action for 2 months.
  • The special formulation enriched with microelements and slow-release nitrogen, guarantees the right nourishment of the plants, favoring a healthy and luxuriant growth.
  • Each stick ensures 100 days of complete plant nutrition.
  • Safe use: excludes dosing errors.
  • Ease of use: the new applicator (included in the package) prevents the stick from breaking.


Make a small hole in the earth with the applicator at a distance of 5-6 cm from the stem of the plant, insert a stick, cover it with soil and water. For optimal plant nutrition, follow the recommended doses and repeat the application every 3 months.

 Pot diameter Number of sticks
 10 1
 14 3
 16 4
 22 5
 28 8
 34 10