Organic fertilizer in sticks for aromatic and garden plants

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The Compo Bio Fertilizer in Sticks is isuitable for horticultural, aromatic and ornamental plants in pots.

One pack contains 20 sticks.


  • Excellent combination of nutrients.
  • Prolonged and constant fertilizing action for 2 months.
  • It allows to avoid errors in dosing and distribution of the product.
  • Natural fertilization for potted plants. A prolonged effect: 2 months for each stick.
  • Lush plant growth.
  • Presence of all essential nutrients in each stick.
  • Great ease of use thanks to the practical applicator.
  • Allowed in organic farming.


Make a hole in the root ball with the applicator at a distance of 5-6 cm from the plant and insert a stick. Then cover it with earth.

 Pot diameter Number of sticks
 10 1
 14 2
 16 3
 22 4
 28 5
 34 6