Blue NPK universal granular fertilizer

SKU: 50000773

Compo NPK blue fertilizer is ideal for all vegetable or garden plants, both in pots and in the ground.


  • Ready to take effect.
  • Low in chlorine and with microelements.
  • Perfect for both basic and covering fertilization.
  • Suitable for all horticultural, fruit and ornamental crops, garden and vegetable crops.
  • Each granule has the same combination of nutritional elements, for a balanced and balanced development of crops.


The fertilizer can be used in garden, on balcony, in mountain range.

The homogeneous granulometry allows to spread the fertilizer evenly on the ground or near the plant. COMPO NPK BLU can be used both for fertilization at the time of transplanting and for covering.

  • Distribute the fertilizer at the base of the plant.
  • Incorporate it by working the soil superficially.
  • Water.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Close the package tightly after use.

For lawns, buried before sowing, it is the ideal fertilizer for the establishment of lawns. Thanks to its immediate and gradual action over time, it allows the development of the grass favoring tillering and rooting, determining factors for obtaining a green and long-lasting lawn.


Culture Dosage
Horticultural 50-120 g/mq
Strawberries 80-100 g/mq
Peach, plum, apricot 60-100 g/mq
melo, but 60-80 g/mq
Citrus fruits 80-100 g/mq
Kiwi 80-120 g/mq
Olive tree 80-100 g/mq
Table grapes 100-120 g/mq
Wine grapes 60-80 g/mq
flower 50-100 g/mq