Universal granular fertilizer Nitrophoska Gold 5Kg

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Compo Oro fertilizer is a complete and universal granular nutrition with nitrification inhibitor. The nitrification inhibitor slows down the ammoniacal nitrogen mineralization process, making plant nutrition gradually available for up to 8-12 weeks. In this way, COMPO NPK ORO gives strength, balance and quality in a single application, supporting the capacity of radical absorption and the prolonged need for nourishment for crops.


  • Contains the nutritional elements necessary for the fertilization of all horticultural, fruit and ornamental crops, from vegetables and gardens.
  • Each granule has the same combination of nutritional elements, for a balanced and balanced development of crops.
  • Balanced nutrition up to 3 months.
  • Ideal for both sowing fertilization and cover fertilization.


The fertilizer can be used in garden (not recommended for pot crops). Optimal both for basic fertilization, both at the time of sowing or transplanting, and for covering.

  • Distribute the fertilizer at the base of the plant.
  • Incorporate it by working the soil superficially.
  • Water.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Close the package tightly after use.


Culture Dosage
Horticultural 50-120 g/mq
Strawberry 80-100 g/mq
Peach, plum, apricot
60-100 g/mq
melo, but 60-80 g/mq
Citrus fruits, kiwi 80-100 g/mq
Olive tree 80-100 g/mq
Table grapes 100-120 g/mq
Wine grapes 60-80 g/mq
flower 50-100 g/mq