Granular fertilizer for lawn Solabiol 5 Kg

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Solabiol granular fertilizer for lawn.
The special Natural Booster technology promotes greater development of the root system of the turf until it doubles.
Thanks to a more developed root system, the turf can produce up to 25% more growth.
Water absorption is much more efficient, reducing the need to intervene with irrigation and limiting the onset of water stress and diseases.
The specific N-P-K titration for turf, designed and optimized to balance the need for macro and microelements, also allows to obtain a quick greening effect and a prolonged nourishment for up to 4 months.


  • Up to 25% more growth;
  • greening effect in 5 days;
  • lower water requirement;
  • 100% natural origin;
  • feeds 4 months;
  • authorized in organic farming.

Active principle: NPK 5,5-3-3 + 2 MgO with Natural Booster technology.


Fertilize 1 or 2 days after mowing, on dry lawn. Water immediately after even if the lawn is already wet. 4 fertilizations per year are sufficient, two in spring and two in autumn, a third summer fertilization can be done in case of yellowing of the lawn (avoid the hottest periods from the end of June to the end of August).

For new plants: in spring or autumn.

Per maintenance 3 kg per 100 m²
Per new plant 4 kg per 100 m²