Floranid granular fertilizer for the lawn for use in spring and early autumn with herbicide 1,5 Kg

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The Compo FLORANID® Prato fertilizer with herbicide is specific for spring and autumn early turf nutrition. The herbicide contained allows to fight the broad-leaved weeds.


  • It nourishes up to 3 months, releasing nitrogen gradually according to the real needs of the turf.
  • Double action: fertilizes and eliminates broad-leaved weeds (clovers, plantains, buttercups, polygonaceae, shower head, stellaria, veronica, chamomile, sonco and other broad-leaved herbs, does not act on grasses).
  • Thanks also to the slow release technology, nitrogen is released gradually over time, ensuring prolonged nutrition up to 3 months; the gradual release, regulated by natural growth factors such as temperature and humidity, allows a constant and balanced growth of the turf avoiding unnecessary waste.
  • COMPO FLORANID granules are specially designed for the fertilization of the turf. They are in fact spherical in shape, fine and regular in order to be able to better penetrate the leaves of the lawn. Each granule contains all the main nutrients that are easily made available for uniform lawn growth.


The product is preferably applied in spring when the minimum night temperatures are not below 10 ° C. On newly created lawns, the product can only be used after at least 3 months from sowing. The product is applied on wet lawns, even better if wet from dew, or in dry weather if previously irrigated.

For distribution it is preferable to use a mechanical dispenser and if you work by hand, wear gloves. The lawn cannot be mowed or watered before 3-4 days from the application of the product. Any rains that occur immediately after application could remove the granules and therefore reduce the herbicide action. In case of reappearance of particularly resistant weeds, repeat the application after 4-6 weeks.

Avoid that the mixture comes into contact with sensitive neighboring crops as the product is harmful to fruit trees, vines, poplars, vegetables and all non-grass plants, even in the form of vapors carried by the wind.
To be used exclusively in agriculture in the epochs and for the permitted uses, any other use is dangerous.

Period of use: March-May, end of August-September.

Distribute in the ratio of 30 g / m2

1.5 kg for 50 m2