Floranid granular lawn fertilizer for use in spring and early autumn

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The Compo FLORANID® Prato fertilizer is specific for spring and autumn early turf nutrition.


  • It nourishes up to 4 months, releasing nitrogen gradually according to the real needs of the lawn.
  • NPK 20-5-8 fertilizer with high nitrogen content, ideal for the nutrition of lawns in spring and immediately after summer.
  • Thanks to the synergy of the slow release dual technology, nitrogen is released gradually over time, ensuring prolonged nutrition for up to 4 months (the gradual release, regulated by natural growth factors such as temperature, humidity and microbial activity, allows constant growth and balanced turf avoiding unnecessary waste).
  • The content in Magnesium, Iron and microelements increases the resistance of the lawn to intense foot traffic and guarantees a dense lawn with an intense green color even in difficult conditions.
  • COMPO FLORANID granules are specially designed for the fertilization of the turf. They are in fact spherical in shape, fine and regular in order to be able to better penetrate the leaves of the lawn.
  • Each granule contains all the main nutrients that are easily made available for uniform lawn growth.


Fertilize evenly by distributing the granules by broadcasting or using a fertilizer cart over the entire turf, preferably 1 or 2 days after a cut. If possible, distribute on a dry lawn and water abundantly after distribution; with high temperatures and in periods of drought it is a good idea to irrigate the lawn for about 20 minutes after application.

Period of use: March-May, end of August-September.

Distribute in the ratio of 25-30 g / m2

1.5 kg for 50 m2
3 kg per 100 m2